Sunday February 18, 2018
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Did You Know?

Local merchants spend a much larger portion of total revenue on local labor to run the enterprise and sell the merchandise.

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We need you to spread the word & walk the talk!

• Find & patronize Cobb County businesses
• Look for the KIIC logo when you shop
• Get on our email list to learn about money-saving ideas & new businesses
• Let us know how you “Keep it in Cobb”

Business owners
• Place the KIIC logo on your storefront & communications
• As business grows, hire Cobb County residents
• Conduct business with other Cobb County businesses
• Get on our email list to learn of new business-to-business opportunities
• Let us know how you “Keep it in Cobb”

• Where feasible, choose a Cobb County business as a vendor
• Let us know how you “Keep it in Cobb”


Redirect Spending Pledge

I plan to redirect to Cobb my spending by the following percentage?

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Keep it in Cobb
1860 Sandy Plains Road
Suite 204-153
Marietta, GA 30066

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